Luxor was built through talent asymmetry.  Luxor, by design, will never be the largest team in the world, but the concentration of talent will ensure outstanding results.

Great things are achieved through talent asymmetry; unicorns are built, Super Bowls are won and champions are crowned.  Mercedes-AMG Petronas, Tesla, Team Liquid, the ‘86 Bears and ‘99 ManU didn’t achieve their successes by having an average skillset.

We achieve outstanding results by being outstanding.

What Does Luxor Value - The Pillars

The values of a company are demonstrated by who gets promoted and who gets a severance. No one checks all the boxes, but the more boxes you check, the more closely you will align with Luxor’s value system.


Just like the ethos of crypto, Luxor values sovereignty:


To find the talent necessary, Luxor must be inclusive of everyone: